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Are you a college student or know someone who is? Norwex is a must have to take back to school. Take a look at my Norwex College Checklist:
*Enviro cloth… for wiping down of the dorm room and apartment surfaces
*Window cloth… to clean your ipad/ipod and other electronic screens
*Mattress cleaner… because you probably don’t want to know what’s been done on that dorm mattress
*Natural hand cleanser… clean your hands on the go without the harsh chemicals that dry them out
*Silver Care Toothbrush… accidently drop it on that nasty communal bathroom floor? No worries!
*Body pack, towels, and hair turban…. All have antibac so they will stay fresh longer which means you don’t have to launder them as often! What college student doesn’t love that!
*Air freshner bags (coming in October)… all natural and will absorb and eliminate any funky smells in your dorm room. Maybe put it near your ever growing pile of dirty laundry you are waiting to take home to wash.
Need to place an order? Go to the link below or contact me! If you order on-line, you can get it directly shipped to whatever address you specify, so that means dorms and apartments too!

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